Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I saw a man today. He was not familiar but his stance was. He was not dressed for sticky hands and fingerpaint, but he was as on duty as I was, eyes roving and standing ready to react. At first I thought he had an unreliable but independent toddler, one that might make a break for a busy road or run into the path of swing at any moment. But he wasn't watching the children, although he was giving his charge all the independence and space he could while still being there, just in case.

I felt warmly to him, we were doing the same job. I suppose we're all bodyguards at Playcentre.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Kapcon again.

Last year I went to Kapcon. This year I am there again, I suppose it might be safer this year, after all, it's already given me a new group of friends, changed my hobbies radically, lifted my game and introduced me to at least one more person who's likely to understand when I talk.

I was playing Bertie Wooster in the Larp and I feel a little smug, I think I did him justice.

Sean was Jeeves. More photos and a .wav to Stephanie's Harriet Vane.


Monday, December 04, 2006


Poor wee Iris is squeaking with nightmares, I'm sitting by her and making comforting typing noises while she re-settles.

We started our new role-playing campaign today. I am optimistic about it. We're playing some people employed (or about to be) by the Lucky Ali Detective Agency (est. 2189), but before we got to that the GM gave us a fairly serious action piece using pre-generated characters who broke a guy out of a subterranean and Antarctic prison. My current group is good. Everyone's able to drop into different characters fast and well and so doing various parts of the story/world (whatever it is that we make up when we do this thing that we do) is going to be rather a pleasure. We then got to Tazeem Willoughby (who sprang so oddly fully-formed out of my forehead a couple of weeks ago) and Lucky Ali interviewing the others, the candidates and the current staff of the agency are weird and wonderful, intriguing people all of them. I'm looking forward to finding out more about them, and about Tazeem. Backstage at Hazel's ballet show I've been watching how dancers talk differently from normal people and thinking about how Tazeem (who is a dancer) will use hand gestures and body language a good deal, along with rather stagey facial expressions.

I'm also considering starting a Theatre Thing (dress ups, drama, dance, music, and movement) for pre-schoolers with a friend of mine who's a trained teacher and, like me, spent a long time at Drama Christi. We're just talking it through at the moment, but it feels like a gap in the community, and it's certainly something we could do.

Sweet dreams my cheery little Iris who laughs at my jokes, you deserve them.

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hobby horses.

Last night Hazel liked the mop so much she mopped up after Iris missed the loo so she could ride it back to the cupboard.

If anyone said "Hey Susan, do you want to run after a frisbee in the rain?" I'd be so there.

I made up a person, it's just a game you know.

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