Saturday, January 21, 2006

A psyche's holiday is being other people.

My parents-in-law have been in my house, their presence has dropped a stone of order into our pool of chaos and calm spread out in ripples, everything is tidier than when I left this morning and there is a new clothes line at thigh height for when children want to help with the washing. They say that Hazel's been taking the dolls' house people to Narnia and Iris has been putting babies to bed.

Meanwhile I've been playing pretend with adults. In A Cruise in the West Indies I was an ambitious Napoleonic wars English naval lieutenant, now well on the road to a promotion because of lucky dice rolls and personal heroism. In The Golden Pegasus Home for Retired Adventurers I was a retired dwarven warrior, who managed to not only finally come out as a female to the hero she has had a crush on forever, but also restore his youth and vigour. And in Paranoia: The Dark Ages I was a heretical dark-ages novice who survived rather than advanced but she did get to ride her scrummy pony a lot.

I met old friends and laughed hard.


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