Sunday, January 21, 2007

Kapcon again.

Last year I went to Kapcon. This year I am there again, I suppose it might be safer this year, after all, it's already given me a new group of friends, changed my hobbies radically, lifted my game and introduced me to at least one more person who's likely to understand when I talk.

I was playing Bertie Wooster in the Larp and I feel a little smug, I think I did him justice.

Sean was Jeeves. More photos and a .wav to Stephanie's Harriet Vane.



Blogger scrowley said...


I *think* I'm in!!! So here am I stuck in the office on a Saturday arvo trying to work out why I wanted to be a professor in the first place ... then I get to find you and sean as bertie and jeeves and all I repeat all is well!!!!!

be all y'all - Steve

9:39 AM  

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