Monday, January 29, 2007

Parenthood is not a sedentary occupation.

I walked through the bush over Tinakori Hill to have morning tea at Fords, I walked back up to get the car, picnic, togs, wetsuits, and inflatable floatie duck and frog so I could collect Anne, Hazel and Iris from the Bolton Chapel and take them to the beach. We ate our sausage, avocado and strawberry rolls, climbed a rock, swam in a beautiful pool that wasn't all that freezing cold considering, and then went for a fun visit to Anne's storage unit (if your mind is flexible enough most things are fun). I then popped out for a quick spot of disc throwing practice at VUW.

Am I going to sleep well tonight? Oh, yes indeed.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Kapcon again.

Last year I went to Kapcon. This year I am there again, I suppose it might be safer this year, after all, it's already given me a new group of friends, changed my hobbies radically, lifted my game and introduced me to at least one more person who's likely to understand when I talk.

I was playing Bertie Wooster in the Larp and I feel a little smug, I think I did him justice.

Sean was Jeeves. More photos and a .wav to Stephanie's Harriet Vane.


Friday, January 19, 2007

Word? Asphasia.

In New Zealand in 1986 if there was a car a hoon was proud of it might have been a Ford Escort, it might have had it's engine changed so it had a 2l one, it might have mag wheels, a spoiler, and some sheepskin accessories, but it must have had speed stripes and on the back window, a ...

a thing, you know, a black plastic collection of short horizontal planes, what did we used to call those things?

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Iris watches Star Wars.

Iris, to Han Solo: "Why do you let the space monkey drive?!"

Six-year old Star Wars geeks to Iris: "He is not a space monkey", "His people are wookies", "His name is Chewbacca." Iris, at her cute three-year old best, smiles at the Star Wars geeks, they look pleased to have educated such a nice little girl and everyone settles down.

Chewbacca reappears.
"Look! Space monkey!" Iris exclaims to the Star Wars geeks.
They go nuts. Iris smiles again.

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