Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I won a prize!

At Ultimate Frisbee tonight I won the female Most Valuable Player prize!

At the end of each game both teams nominate a Most Valuable Player (or in this last league, one of each sex) from the other team. I got nominated at the end of games than any other female player in the C-grade part of this first Indoor league. We usually nominate people who played well and were useful to their team, and whose general demeanour made our game a better time for all involved. Flashy dives and gorgeous leaps, speed and doggedness on defence, and smiling all helps.

Our team (Dirty Creature) also won the Spirit Prize. At the end of each game both teams give each other a "spirit" score, which is not about whether you win or lose but how you play the game. We play beautifully.

Did you get that? I won a prize! For sports! Not an A for effort, an A for acheivement!

And when I told my mother she said "Congratulations!" and "Wow."

It is of course possible that the other people on my team have had something to do with this. Dear sweet Repton-Infinity and his patient coaching, long-leggity Cpt Sean and his encouragement and rewards scheme, graceful housemonkey who expects me to lift my game, generous Stephanie who congratulated me each time I got MVP, heroic Queneva who keeps on throwing discs around with me even though it's dangerously unpredictable at times, serene Andy who throws me discs I can catch, and Milites of infectious enjoyment who started playing a few weeks after me and I keep trying to keep up with.

I'm so happy, I rock.
La li la li la li la.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Raisin bread and sprinkles.

Today Iris decided we live in a busy cafe and we made bread and muffins and fluffies and were as polite to each other as if we'd never met.

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