Saturday, September 02, 2006

Housekeeping hints for Slatterns #3

I kissed him and murmured
"Would you like me to finish putting the folded washing away?"
"Yes, that would do it for me," he replied, laughing but not lying.
So I did, then I undressed and got out the "Sensual" perfumed oil that we were given by a well-wishing ex-girlfriend of Sean's and commenced massaging his tired shoulders and long back.

After a contemplative while I realised that Hazel was standing in our bedroom doorway head tilted appreciatively and a very fond look on her face; the same look I have on mine when she is kind to Iris. I guess she feels that her very special Dad deserves a massage of an evening.

Well, she's asleep now.

(#1, #2)

... and so's he.


Blogger Weekend_Viking said...

He does have a very, very long back.

(Zane. You met me once at a picnic lunch in the ChCh botannical gardens.)

12:46 AM  

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