Thursday, May 11, 2006

Domestic felicity.

Side-tracked I found a familiar laundry system. But now I'm a grown-up household executive mother of two is it any different?
  • If it is child sized and not undies, what smells clean and looks clean is clean enough.
  • If it is adult sized and on the floor anywhere but beside the dryer, it's dirty.
  • If it's in a laundry hamper, it's dirty.
  • If it's near enough a laundry hamper that someone probably was aiming at the hamper when they threw, it's dirty.
  • If it's behind the door, it's dirty.
  • If it's somewhere other than the laundry or laundry basket and wet, it's dirty.
  • If it's undies and alone, it's dirty.
  • Anything left on the toilet floor after toileting is probably dirty.
  • If it's smelly, it's dirty.
  • If it's on the floor by the dryer, in the laundry basket, folded or put away, it's clean.
  • If it's in a bag it is indeterminate. Is it wet? Is it smelly?
But like the cat says "All you have to remember is Rule 1: When in doubt - wash."


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