Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hindsight and babysitting.

Once upon a time I was engaged to a very pleasant youth for a year. After we parted my friends said that they were pleased and surprised to see me get wild again. I was somewhat irked at the time; I didn't think I'd been hiding my little light under a bushel, oh no, and I didn't want to add 'having toned myself down' to the list of stupid mistakes I already knew I'd made in the relationship I had so intended to be permanent.

When I did Honours in Philosophy it was like I'd moved to Honours. I didn't see much of anyone except the other people who lived there, we spoke a different language, and our local issues and gossip were not very interesting to people who hadn't also moved there. When I moved to Bloomington, Indiana, it was similar. I popped back to see my sister wed and found it hard to explain or express my American life.

I started this blog about 6 months ago, when Hazel was trying to learn to swim and we went to Kapcon XV, because the children were just independent enough to let us go. Hazel did backstroke today in her Preschool 3 class and they've got more and more independent. With their independence rising I find myself coming out wilder again as I commute between motherhood and kid-free life.


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