Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Geek breeding programme a success!

Today I asked the girls if they wanted to role-play; they did a very credible job. Hazel's ideas were powerful and Iris really understood what she was trying to do. It was intense, they were enthralled. Hazel started taking over plot elements pretty fast and Iris swapped characters after her first combat.
Hazel's character Lucy
Hazel says it was "Great" and she loved rolling the dice. She says she will GM for me and Sean.
Iris liked "the map and just role-playing".

... Blow by blow:
Iris's character HarryI asked them whether they wanted to play children or adults and they said adults, we had some pictures of characters printed out which I displayed as I asked who they wanted to be. Hazel chose "this girl" (right). I said that her name is Lucy and she had been waiting more than an hour for a train that had her brother Harry on it, they haven't seen each other for a very long time and she is very excited that he is coming. Iris shuffled through the pictures, claimed the one on the left and said that she was Harry. I drew them a quick sketch map with a station next to a straight North-South railway, a road curving in and back to the west, a bit of woodland in the North-West and farmland to the East of the tracks. Hazel added a dot that was where Lucy was standing on the platform.

I told them that the train was just chuffing into the station with a squeal of brakes and a plume of steam and Harry could see Lucy out the window of the carriage. I turned to Iris (who, being only 2 1/2 to Hazel's 4 1/2, I guessed might be the less confident player) and said "Okay, so your train has just arrived, what do you do?"
She leapt off her seat and rushed over to hug Hazel saying "I get off train, go hug my sister."
"Oh! I haven't seen him for so long! I missed you!" said Hazel.
"I say: 'I back now sister' to Lucy," Iris said.

I told them that after the noisy train left they could hear a strange "Tch tch tch tch tch tch" sound. (I thought it would be a big wierd brightly coloured bird and they might talk to it and hitch a lift or something). Hazel took over; she said
"My character looks out over the fields (gesturing at the map) and up the hill beyond. She can see that what is making the noise is a ghost!" (Yes! I thought, not only playing but going hardcore! That's my baby!)

"Right, you see a ghost, what do you do?" I asked them.
"I tell Harry. 'See that ghost up there?' and I point," was Hazel's response.
"I shoot it with my gun," Iris said. Well, he would have one, it's 1944 and he's an officer, but how does she know?
"The bullets pass right through like mist." Hazel informed her. I said "hold it" and got Iris to roll first (we did a simple highest number on a d10 gets the narrative success system), Harry's shot missed. Meanwhile Lucy was going into the station and telling the people in there (a stationmaster and a family of three) that there was a ghost outside. Hazel, decided to roll for telling each person and then said she asked the ones who had believed her to convince the others while she went out the door to the road to see if there was anyone else to tell. I said there was a priest coming along the road and described his cassock and hat (quite Father Brown). Hazel amended the map so it had a footpath and put a dot for the priest. Once the priest understood the problem he offered to bless Harry's bullets and Iris mimed getting them out of the palm of her two-fingers gun and holding them for the blessing. She then rolled high and I rolled low and so I said that the ghost had completely disappeared with that one shot.

Hazel wasn't having any of that happy ending stuff. She ominously intoned "The ghost disappeared but where it was there are now two ghosts." At this point Iris got a bit nervous, climbed onto the GM's lap and said that she would be a baby now. I said that the baby was part of the family inside the station. Hazel said that Lucy rushed into the station and told everyone they had to get in their cars and drive away as fast as they could because there were now 128 million ghosts coming over the hill, and she amended the map to include cars for the people to get into. As they drove the ghosts came closer and Iris said her baby grew wings and could fly to go and spike the ghosts. Hazel claimed the ghosts were merely tickled by this, which Iris thought was pretty funny, and that was where we left it, on a bit of a cliff hanger.

They said they want to play again tomorrow and I wrote what their characters had done on the character sheets (as a way of giving recognition rather than XP).

"You are in two role-playing groups now Mummy." Hazel told me, with pride.


Anonymous housemonkey said...

Winged babies with spikes? I have to include one of those somewhere in a game.

9:15 AM  
Blogger susan said...

They say "E-wah, e-wah" when hurt and "Wheee" when flying.

10:31 AM  
Blogger susan said...

Oh, and they sit on the GM's lap so don't have more than one as a PC at once.

10:40 AM  

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