Wednesday, August 23, 2006


We went for a walk this morning, we were going to get in the car but the girls pointed out that the weather was too nice for a car. We walked around and ended up at a bus stop, where we decided to go to the zoo. When we got their it turned out to be hugely popular, cheap too, well, cheap for other people, we got Hazel a cub pass a while ago and so it's free for us.

My kids are really growing up. I saw all these folk with huge prams filled with capacious bags stuffed with important supplies for their toddlers-in-arms and I had these little people with me; walking on their own four feet, and only a spare pair of undies in my handbag just in case. They even carried their own drink bottles and coats a fair bit.

It was a gorgeous day at the zoo, and this time no lions ravaged any keepers we'd been talking to a moment before, and no black and white ruffed lemurs escaped to run around the top of their cage, it was all nice and proper (I've been a little concerned that it's Iris's vibes that makes the animals wild, I'd never seen anything ever go wrong at the zoo until I started going with her). Proper only until the fornicating flying foxes, but they were nice at least, quite huggy and licky in fact. Actually I thought we'd see more Spring behaviour but they were the only ones. Maybe we were a little early.

If Anything Ever Goes Wrong at the Zoo
It's a good book.


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