Saturday, August 12, 2006

We plumbed!

My great-great-grand-father was a plumber and today the sink was blocked and with Iris's help it runs free again. She turned pipe connections and sat on the dishwasher lid paddling her socked feet in the interior and bailed it out. Meanwhile, I was picking up loads of slime in my bare hands, wiggling my long flexible rod around in the pipes, pumping the plunger, and wiping the floor. What an achiever am I.

Yesterday I ran that game I talked about a while ago for the first time and Sean laughed so hard he wept. I think that's a good sign. Now I needs must edit it while it's still fresh in my mind. Perhaps before I play anything else and confusion sets in. Oops, too late, for now it is time to sleep.


Blogger mashugenah said...

Just a followup on that: Ivan did quite an extensive study of fairy tale story schemas and so can probably point you to some useful resources and probably has a few things of his own to contribute.

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