Friday, September 01, 2006

Mewling puking fairy.

Iris and Hazel went to the supermarket last night with Sean while I went out to the comedy club at what was Indigo. They had a lovely time and decided it was a special Dads' night. Iris was wearing a fairy dress and got a lot of positive feedback so she wouldn't take it off to go to sleep. Early this morning she was crying and Sean brought her into our bed (I couldn't get up, Hazel was lying on me, honest) and then a while later she threw up. I mostly caught it in my wastepaper basket (yes, baskets are like pots but with vomit emitting holes), once finished she turned her white face and blue eyes to me and said, bubbling drool,

"Happy Mothers' day".

If one of you kind students who reads this has a day off and wants to earn some money, please call, email, comment or come over. I'd love some back up.


Blogger RUTH said...

I bumped into Vance at lunch time. Last time I saw him was at his wedding which was a short and welcome break during the holiday in Blenheim that I spent getting vomitted on.

A marketing strategy - "Experience parenthood with all your senses."

2:24 PM  

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