Thursday, September 07, 2006


Last night was my last meeting as President of my Playcentre. I'm going on holiday soon and when I get back I'll be Vice. I think of the obvious vices pride might get the job done the best. Though, when aiming toward a virtuous exterior, any old vice can be useful in a combination of giving in to temptation and choosing the lesser of two evils.

Envy: I just so want to be thought of as a good person, like you, it's not fair, give me some.
Sloth: Anyway, I can't be bothered organising the opportunity to be bad.
Avarice: Besides, getting some of that bad stuff would cost money.
Lust: Giving in to gluttony will interfere with my desirability, but then,
Gluttony: Chocolate is just less complicated than anything that requires a partner's cooperation.
Pride: Even if this isn't the kind of temptation which can reject you and hurt your pride, watch out there are people present whom you do not wish to see you give in, and when they're not there, there's the fear of being found out later; how embarrassing.
Wrath: But if all else fails don't give in just to spite yourself.


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