Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hazel's first graduation.

She's my first born, I pushed her out, hot and urgent while biting the stuffed rabbit my great-great-aunt Nell gave me the last Christmas she was alive. She was born purple, with navy blue eyes. She's clever and competent, and in her stories every horse has a different neigh. We've been going to Playcentre together for more than four years, and tomorrow is her last day.

There'll be a cake, and a decorated chair. There'll be presents; she's giving the Playcentre a horse (one hand high), rider, and tack. It's giving her a mermaid top and tail (Iris and I were the representatives of Playcentre who chose the present). There'll be a card with pictures, best wishes and hugs. There may be speeches.

There will be tears.

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Blogger Hoaenz said...

wow..........already!!....gosh they grow so fast don't they. I know what you mean about anticipating tears, usually all Mums. I'm late catching up on your happenings so also take this opportunity to wish you a great New Years!! Heres to adventures ahead! anthea

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