Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Schemas in fairy tales.

I registered a game for January's Kapcon today. The characters will be fey folk and they'll have schemas. Which means I'm now trying to analyse stories of fey folk from a schema-spotter's point of view, which has to be good for my Noticing and Recognising skills (this is ECE jargon for noticing and recognising stuff in ECE).

Rotation: turning, stuff whirling around, whirling, Rumplestiltskin's hole in the floor and campfire dance.
Transforming: fey gold, pookha and such, Rumplestiltskin didn't have this schema although he had this ability, if he'd had the schema he wouldn't have wanted any payment.
Trajectory: flying, stuff flying, elven archers.
Transporting: moving a whole lot of stuff to an incongruous place, stealing.
Enveloping: wrapping stuff up, hiding gold (Leprechauns).

Any other ideas? Some other schemas include One-to-one correspondance, ordering,

I should go and get my A Field Guide to the Little People and read it with some bookmarks available but it's lazier to google around wikipedia instead.

But they'll be wanting a world to be in and something to do as well. I've been thinking that substituting a changeling because they need it to save their world would add a pleasant moral thickness as the characters' good would be rather different from involved human family's good. And where? 1986 Wellington? 1996 Bloomington, IN? 2006 Wellington? Somewhere more like the fairy stories are set?

That's nearly enough plotting, if I run it for some imaginatively independent friends fairly soon I can surf in on their ideas instead of inventing the whole kit and caboodle. A few volunteers?

Now all I need is to choose and swot up on a system. Bleaugh.

Gosh, I'm so busy getting my procrastination out of the way anyone would think I had a talk to write.


Anonymous house monkey said...

I have a copy of Changeling: The Dreaming lying around if you want to borrow it. I always think WW a little heavy for con games though.

12:42 AM  
Anonymous RUTH said...

Enclosure - Prince Charming's obsession with finding the foot to fit that shoe,

Transformation - anyone who kisses a frog,

Trajectory - climbing Rapunzel's hair,

One-to-one correspondance - the bears in Goldilocks,

Enveloping - the princess and the pea.

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's funny, I've just been spotting trajectory schemas in fairy stories too because it hasn't taken me long to work out that those are the one's Felix will want to hear. His favourites are the Gingerbread man (Run, Run!, the huffing and puffing and blowing in the Three little pigs. And the climibing up and down the beanstalk...

3:29 PM  
Blogger susan said...

Cool. Ta muchly.

9:02 PM  

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