Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Wishing Casey the best for the future.

Casey came to visit again tonight, probably for the last time. By this time next week she may be already adopted. She's got somewhat used to cats but is having big separation anxiety problems and if she's going to get through that and come to trust people they should be the ones who will be there for her for the rest of her life. I think we'll be talking about her and my kids will be pretending to be her for quite some time yet though.

I warned each child that we might not see Casey again. Iris had a tantrum. I can't remember her last one, mostly she hasn't lost it much since she was able to face forwards in the car, before that we were avoiding car trips because she was so very very loud about facing backwards. Tonight she cried herself hoarse and was still sobbing as she finally fell asleep in her dog basket. The dog basket and tantrum combination was partly a desparate urge to do some work on her enclosing schema and partly grieving over a dog. Hazel wouldn't say goodbye, she told me to get the address where Casey is going to live, write it on a piece of paper, drive to the number, check the piece of paper and go in and visit Casey.

Me, I thought I'd get a chance to give her a stroke and some good wishes but I didn't hear people getting ready to leave until Tam, Stephen and Casey had gone, so I shed some tears. It's the loss of all the potential of the brief relationship that gets me. The relationships I most regretted the ends of were short enough that I felt I hadn't even had a chance to play before my friend packed up his bat and his ball and stormed off home over some minor disagreement of rules that we could easily have sorted out with a conversation. I cried the hardest over Halley, the fish that died two days after I got it.


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Blogger Rod said...

Hi Susan, my name is Yen San and my husband Rod.We are Casey adopted parents. We accidentally found this site when searching for her history as racing greyhound. We are both moved to know her is loved by so many people. We are lucky to have her.

Please email us on rodair@gmail.com. We would like to keep you update about her and send you some photos. May be you and your kids can come and visit sometime.

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