Thursday, June 01, 2006


Iris has started to ask for her glasses for reading. She pretty much only will wear them for close work but she's happy to do so for that.

Hazel is about to go up to Preschool 3 in swimming where she will be learning breathing among other things.

The painter put the second yellow on the bay window today "To generate a bit of enthusiasm," he said.

Moab's neck is healing and he's taking his pills nicely.

Our laptop won't talk to the world, which means my email is down and I'm using the pda now and wishing I had its keyboard working.

We have a stick insect and her eggs in a cage. We are hoping for nymphs rather than another fascinating but cruel lesson about Nature's rosy smile and carmine claws.

The kids have imaginery dogs whose poo is delightfully unscented.


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