Saturday, June 10, 2006

Lightening to the mind.

Falling from far above the ordinary pizza boxes,
Falling past the family far from its best,
Falling with a sharp and sudden vertigo.

Rails knot to wreck
Every thought-train
I was running.

Mind lightning grounding;
Lightning grinds in my mind.
My mind halts.

I see my spouse.
One thousand and one, one thousand and two, one thousand and three, one thousand and four, one thousand and five, one thousand and six, one thousand and ...
I do like a good storm.


Blogger susan said...

Sunday: I can't post tonight. For some, as yet unexplained, reason the disk is full that this blog lives on. I also can't get any email, though I do seem to be able to send it. I have an odd feeling of standing on a deserted shore and putting unimportant little notes about this and that into bottles addressed to friends and then throwing the whole lot into the sea.

10:27 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

Hi Susan I always enjoy your words pictures they conjure up such wonderful images.

We also had lightning, the weird thing for me was it was a long way away so we sat and watched the show without rain or thunder - very strange.

4:19 AM  
Blogger susan said...

I only had metaphorical lightening.

8:56 PM  
Anonymous house monkey said...

You know you spelt lightning wrong, yes?

tipgx - the feeling one gets when one's shuttle is knocked out of the sky by a flailing tentacle monster.

8:25 PM  
Blogger susan said...

Bother spelling, I did hope it was archaic rather than simply wrong in order to get the double meaning without so much contrivance. Oh well. At least I'm not too qhzairt to take the correction.

9:28 PM  

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