Thursday, June 08, 2006

Happy thoughts.

We're still all ill. It's not fun. The kids are finding it difficult and I'm short on patience and probably every other virtue except sobriety. Occasional visitors mercifully save us from suburban neurosis but have demonstrations from the why-to-use-contraception poster family to put up with. Sean tells me it could be worse and escapes into his book, it's about financial risk management. I think about fairies, an improbable far future, and read my blog to remind myself of the highs of parenting.
"And orbiting the roundabout in many red sports cars are long-legged blondes..." from someone who still has an urge to win in role-playing but I'm going for misere and interject,
"With the faces of bats."
"Oh, think happy thoughts," comes a voice of quiet despair from someone else.

From The Ace of Spades at the last Kapcon (XV).


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