Saturday, December 02, 2006

She was glorious, of course.

Today Hazel was the lead bee in Lynley Anne Ward's dance school show The Dream. I so did not expect to be a ballet mom in ten years time a decade ago, but hey, we adapt, and I nearly burst with pride as she remembered every part of her dance and did it with her customary precision. I was also very proud of all the children I'm friends with who were in the show, and of Felix Sampson who played the Paper Boy in the jazz and tap show, although I've never heard of him before. He's about 10 now I guess, and he's got presence all over the stage, he can dance, he can clown, he can capture an audience with a knowing look against a background of leaping girls in violet and ultra-green polka dotted dresses. We'll be hearing of him again I think.



Blogger RUTH said...

It was great. Her cousin H, who is 3.5, asked me a scene change when the theatre was darkened "Is there more fun?"

The choreography of a vast hoard of dancers of a wide variety of ages and abilities was well done.

And of course the first bee stole the show.

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