Thursday, September 21, 2006

Jet lag.

We're packed and almost ready to go. I kind of wish we were going now (12:45am) rather than in 5 hours because now I'm quite awake whereas yesterday and the day before one of the few parts of the night I have been asleep for has been the bit around dawn. Alas, the trials of the first world middle classes.

Some time recently I wrote this, but Blogger wouldn't publish it at first:

It's 2:43 am and all's well. I don't remember having jet lag this bad before, what with dizzy spells and all. I suppose the wildly variable hours I used to keep may have protected me from it. Perish the thought that it's the six years since I last travelled coming down upon me.

It was well at 11:40 pm when the kids wound down too. I expect we'll be fussing and fighting tomorrow, and we'll definitely get some exercise, even if it is raining here in the desert and no-one else goes out at all. I was just a bit confused today and didn't notice we hadn't exercised the children.

At bed time it became apparent after a fair bit of reading that the kids were not going to sleep. Today was a good day though. We played music at Kate and Bob's with Bob on viola, Iris on harmonica, me on kazoo and Hazel on animated wooden singing dolphins. We saw a Dinosaur Museum, with a sand pit, and waterplay area; Iris immersed herself in the sand rather than the water! We did a bit of shopping, Sean got new sandals (he accidentally packed mine rather than his), and I got a beautiful new orange wheeled case and an okay handbag that fits my computer (which the lovely bag I've been enjoying since my birthday doesn't quite) and was inexpensive but isn't quite one of the many bags of my dreams; this will do for now and I'll see how it goes. Maybe I'll find a bag of dreams in Manhatten.

No, they really weren't going to sleep, they weren't resting their bodies or closing their eyes. They were leaping from bed to bed, Iris was taking her nightie off, and Hazel was shrieking. After some trying time I gave them a bath (well, their Grandad always says it'll make them sleep better) and then Sean went out for some peace of mind while I watched them burn up a bit more energy, read them a chapter of Winnie-the-Pooh (goodness me, isn't that a funny name for a bear, Iris laughed until tears stood in her eyes), and then we went to bed ourselves Very Firmly. There were lamentations and protestations but they both actually settled and are now asleep.

Me, I've been asleep and awake and asleep and awake and alas I left my book on a plane from LA to Salt Lake City or I might be reading. I hope some nice Mormon is enjoying Anansi Boys; I'll have to buy it again, it was good.


Anonymous house monkey said...

More music needs to make use of animated singing wooden dolphins.

tuhldoop - ancient Danish martial arts form.

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