Friday, July 28, 2006

Mr. Wiggles.

Sean's work-mates like to sneak about like investment banking computer ninjas, plotting and planning at moonlit meetings (well, it's got to be more fun than doing it straight, right?). They even have code-names for each other in their secret emails, which are mostly from Thunderbirds, but they call Sean Mr. Wiggles (yes, I laughed and laughed). We haven't known the real reason why, we've looked unsuccessfully for a Mr. Men book about Mr. Wiggles and I've wondered if it is his wily coding practices, but nothing seemed quite right.

Now we know. We are informed that about a year ago the accountants were trying to talk about him (they speak with one metallic voice you know) but they didn't know his name and instead they referred to him as Mr. Wiggles because of his intensely red shirt (which would make him Murray, of the crocodilian smile). Maybe they were thinking also of his vibrantly purple shirt and deep bright blue shirt; perhaps he needs a bright yellow shirt to complete the band.


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