Sunday, January 29, 2006

Zombie pirate flutterboards.

I wrote what was to be here while sitting in a cool breeze in the car park with Iris asleep in her seat. Happy to be living in the future, I wrote it on my phone and multi-media-messaged it to here, or somewhere. Alas, it has vanished into the ether; if I'd learnt from the past I'd've used pencil and paper and now be able to type it in. In science fiction devices work or they fail spectacularly. Although our heroine's BEE keeps falling on her head in Tanith Lee's teenage dystopia Biting the Sun that is not the future I intended to create.

So, in the absence of anything else on my mind here's my day. First we dressed up and went to the Fairy Ball. I think I was the only unpaid but dressed up adult. The fairy who came to my christening said "Susan, you will never feel over-dressed" but the goblin today said "I've got a very big kid here". It was fine but not as satisfying as the normal show because what I really like is the stories and there was a prize-giving instead. We saw Rosa, Bella, Rebecca and Alan there and he introduced me to Martha, but I had rush off to take Iris to the fishes. After that we went to introduce Iris and Hazel to Tam and Stephen's alpacas and llama. Iris loved them, tonight as she was getting calm and ready for sleep she kept popping up and telling me camelid facts:
Funny Jim. Jim big. Jim like wet knees. Jim bouncing. White face! Little teeny weeny camel dancing. Little teeny weeny camel bouncing, round and round! Big rabbit bouncing? No... 'paca!
Hazel was intrigued that Jim, who can drink out of the hose, did not do so while we were there, despite the heat. He does have a creek through his paddock.

Having seen how happy wet knees made the alpacas and llama we went to the pool and frolicked ourselves. Hazel wore goggles and kept peering at things under the water, and then inveigled me into a complex game in which mermaids rescued a prince from pirates, borrowed a trident from the sea king and put the pirates to death, but the flutterboard that was standing in for the pirates (one after the other) wouldn't stay in its watery grave so we had to make some trouble for the zombie pirate flutterboards.


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