Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Taking a break from the play-force.

They're right you know, biology is imperative.

Not that I felt a command to sprog, in fact I fully expected to live in a hundred American university towns as a dinky geek-hedonist (that would be having the money to buy games and techy toys at the same time as having the time to play with them). Things changed, living in New Zealand we decided to give conception a whirl. Being pregnant got me all the approval I could possibly desire from the families involved, but it made me sick and tired. Then a really great, intense, and carefully characterised game started lacking party cohesion (i.e. got a bit nasty), and I went to a Mega-Roleplaying weekend whose Larp included a couple of people arguing and weeping about character issues and I could so see where both of them were coming from. I decided to take a break from role-playing.

Biology's imperative came later, during gestation the foetus had turned into a little daughter who trumped all other priorities. When I got enough time to do something as well as parent we chose that it be gestating again (theory being a two year gap would be hard work and pay off fast, and it really was and it seems to be). So I hadn't role-played for four years. Well, not formally, with adults, I've been story-telling and playing pretend heaps, which is probably why, in my newly refound spare time, I've been knitting, working on playcentre training, and now a reading group rather than role-playing.

But Kapcon's reminded me how much I like it, in fact I've been thinking I'd like to spend my dotage role-playing; get up in the morning, dress, hobble the walking frame down to the dining hall for breakfast and then spend the morning pretending to be healthy and adventurous in a wild world, lunch, nap with book and heroic dreams, dinner, and then potter about with the computer plotting and so forth during the wakeful parts of the night. It would make it easier if a fair few role-players go to the same nursing home, I guess we'd be likelier to choose one with a name like... The Golden Pegasus Home for Retired Adventurers.

But why wait, I've been fondly reading other people's Kapcon memories and my inner walrus is saying that the time has come again for cabbages and kings. Now I just need to find some spare time.


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