Sunday, January 22, 2006

White Bear is missing.

Hazel sleeps with White Bear almost every night. Tonight she's sleeping with Dad's Bear instead. He won't mind if she borrows it because, were he to come home, he'd get to sleep with me, the computer, a bushel of clothes and five books, besides, she insisted he take her newest Fairy Barbie to Kapcon. I do hope he ended up in one of those games where your character is someone like you and they have just what you have when they get dimension doored to High Fantasytopia or wherever.

How did Kapcon go? Today I only played one game, Ace of Spades, and it was a bit too giggly. But I won a prize! It was for yesterday's repressed dwarf, I'm rather pleased as I know I did that dwarf well and it's been so long since I role-played that winning a prize (GURPS Traveller, thank you Mr. Jackson) is wonderfully validating, whatever strange chances really made it happen.


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