Wednesday, December 03, 2008

First tooth lost on stage!

While Hazel was dancing as a Licorice Allsort B on stage her first tooth finally came out! She tasted blood and subtly put her hand to her mouth. She thought she better not hold the tooth in her hand because she might lose it, so she kept it in her mouth, carefully, until it was time to exit. She told some Gum (girls who looked about 15 to me) and she told her to tell an adult. The Gum and the adult (whose daughter was in Hazel's PIN group and so has known Hazel since she was 3 months old and had no teeth at all) asked Hazel several times if she was all right "which I was" and kept the tooth while Hazel went back on and did her finale and bows. 

What a trouper! How did she know that the show must go on? 


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