Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Interview with a Licorice Allsort

What's the best things about being in the show? 
Your dance is usually fun. 
Your costume is normally cool. It's like you make friends with your costume. 
And this is about Lynley Anne: that she knows every child and thinks about each individual child and what they are doing and how they do it (not just a group) and it only takes her a few seconds to know their name. 
And she chooses good stories and makes up good dances to go in the stories. 
She chooses the people to do the best dancing for them; she chooses the right dances for the right people. 

What's the best thing about dancing on stage?
You feel like you're the most popular person in the whole world and everyone's paying attention to you because you're a great dancer. 
It's also a way of expressing your emotion about how much you love dancing and how much you love people and want to impress them with what you can do when you're dancing. 

What's important to you about being a dancer?
It's fun and I have the best teacher. 
I'm attracted to Jazz [more than classical ballet]. It's part of how I am. When babies are born they have a bit of their mother, a bit of their father, and a bit of themself: it's part of that bit in the middle. 

What were the best and worst things I did while you were doing the ballet show? 
Best: you supported me and helped me to know that I could do it. I knew that you and Daddy would love me whatever I did, but that you would be proud when I did my best and it was very good. 
Worst: you didn't tell me where the lunch boxes were and I was hungry. 


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