Thursday, November 13, 2008

A is for alphabet.

A is for ammonite,
B for believers,
C is for clamouring,
D - don't deeply delve, dear.

E is for escapade,
F for free-flowing,
G is for gentrified,
H - A - Z - E - L here.

I is for Iris B.
J for judicious,
K is for kitchen kiss,
L leans left litigious.

M is for mighty mouse,
N for nutritious,
O is for ominous,
P pods plumply precious.

Q is for quiet quest,
R for receivers,
S is for synchronised,
T toe taps and tickles.

U is for usury,
V for vestigal,
W wandered West,
X-orizontal axis.

Y is for you and ye,
Z for zookeepers.
Why did I write this song?
D - don't deeply delve, dear.



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