Monday, November 17, 2008

I find tech comparisons soothing.

Telecom has offered me a new phone again. I've liked Nokias by and large; looking at this picture of all Nokias ever I think I had the S110 (which everybody seemed to have at the time) from July 2000 until I got the 3200 with its glorious transparency and excellent torch (I still miss those features, they should be options for every phone). I've had my 6235 since about this time in 2006.

If I were to get a new phone it would have a better camera than the 0.3 megapixel one I have. I'd like it to have a torch and a transparent case, but I've not much hope of that. I think I'd like it to have a removable storage card or come with a USB cable, not sure which would be better for me.

Phonedog: I was comparing Nokias 3200, 6235i, 6275i and red E65 (though it doesn't know that the first two had cameras, which makes one wonder what else is inaccurate).
Nokia: I was comparing the 6275i, E65, E90 communicator and N95 8GB



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