Thursday, February 01, 2007


Iris gave up nappies at 20 months. But she never got into the keeping one pair of undies dry all day mindset. Now she has dog and fairy stickers and a place to stick them which she can see from the toilet her undies have been "bone dry" for 24 hours.

Hazel had sticker rewards a long time ago for "being a good big sister" (not making the baby cry). Knowing Iris was getting them for toileting, Hazel wanted a reprise. She's been giving up toys to Iris willingly and asking for her input into choices.

It's amazing the motivational power that putting a sticker on a piece of paper has.

Perhaps I should get one too. I could put a sticker on the chart every time I do something the way I want my children to learn to do it, for getting down to their level and interacting with them, for cleaning up messes, tidying things, keeping my cool, admin stuff, and doing my foot and bottom exercises.

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Blogger scrowley said...

May I have stickers too?

9:40 AM  
Blogger Susan Harper said...

You may. What would you like to do more?

10:36 PM  
Anonymous Timoti said...

Stickers are better than pirate gold.
How are thee. we just got our first decent snow fall yesterday(this is as bad as Dunedin) so I went skiing with Lili (7) I may never walk again.
I think peer (pee-er) pressure also works wonders in these circumstances but it is not one of those things parentals have muck control over.
By the bye I hate laptop keyboards

1:19 AM  

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