Monday, July 10, 2006

Good bird.

They were pretending they could see Sean's work out the window.
"Can you see your daddy's big black building Iris?"
"I can see it, I can!"
"Is he waving to you?"
"My daddy is waving to me,"
"He's waving to me too. Wave wave," Hazel matched her words with actions and I took a photo.
"Now that bird is flying to him," said Iris.
"That bird is taking a message to him."
"Yes, a message, we need to write it," Iris mimed writing, "H I J, I'm writing to my daddy," she reached a finger out the window, "here you are bird, here you are, take this my note to Daddy."
"The bird says 'okay little Iris' and takes it."
"You're a good bird."
"'Thank you, you're a good daughter,' it chirped."


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