Monday, June 26, 2006

My dogs, Rover and Raisin Dog.

Hazel said she was our new puppy, Iris and I called her Rover. She said she had hair like her own hair but all over. We found the above picture. Iris's eyes shone with unshed tears so moved was she by the intensity of the joy in the game of having a puppy, and then Rover (very realistically apart from the descriptive commentary) had enough of being hugged and wandered off. Shortly afterwards Iris decided she'd be a dog too. I asked her what kind and she was very vehement
"I am a Raisin Dog. I am a dog that looks like a raisin."
I didn't know what breed that might be so I asked google images for a "raisin dog" and Iris told me that the pugs were raisin dogs but that she wanted a picture of her on grass. We found the one below and my Raisin Dog delightedly retrieved small items of clothing for some time. Iris has a stuffed toy which might be supposed to be a bull dog of some sort but it's a raisin dog now and she's using it as a pillow despite its old-fashioned firmness.

They found it difficult to resist chasing the cat. Moab eluded them by going into the play tent and going to sleep on the little bed they had made in there for dogs to sleep on. My dogs don't sleep much it seems, back when I had kids they didn't sleep much either.


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