Saturday, June 24, 2006

My kids love YouTube.

I think they like how brief the movies are, and the way we can find ones devoted to their exact interests of the moment.

It all started with that cat herder video. They saw it once and then, whenever I was using the computer, they'd ask to watch the cats on the computer. That led us to look for "other silly cat pictures", and "are there any kids on your computer?" and "What about kids dancing?" and we had discovered a whole pile of kids' ballet when the Best Find came along: Chainer, who runs up walls and dives over things and Hazel and Iris can watch it about twice before they have to run around and around the house diving over a giant teddy bear onto a foam mattress.


Blogger Martha said...

My kids love to watch themselves on YouTube. You can make your films private, so you don't have to share them with the world, and they love it.

2:23 PM  

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