Friday, June 27, 2008

Some schema resources:

Athey, Chris (1980) Extending Thought in Young Children: A
parent-teacher partnership. Paul Chapman Publishers: London

Meade, Anne; P. Cubey in association with A. Hendricks and C. Wylie
(1995) Competent children and their teachers: learning about
trajectories and other schemas. NZCER: Wellington

Meade, Anne, with P. Cubey (1995) Thinking Children. NZCER: Wellington
(there should be a 2008 edition now or soon).

Nutbrown, C. (1984) Threads of Thinking: Young children learning and
the role of early education. Paul Chapman: London.

van Wijk, Nikolien (forthcoming July 2008); Getting Started With
Schemas, Playcentre Federation of New Zealand.


Blogger Gypsy said...

Thanks for posting this Susan - I seem to have got a few people interested in schemas now and I need to read more so that I can answer some questions! Can't wait for that book to come out ...

2:53 PM  

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