Monday, March 10, 2008

Gobbets of thought all over the carpentry table.

I've been thinking again, so here are some notes that might remind me of some sparks I'd seen when next I get to put prefrontal cortex to grindstone.

1. Children use their schemas when processing emotional learning as well. Threads of thinking fitted into space, time, and relationships of all sorts.

2. What's fun about playing?
Free play ECE and supporting schema learning gives children who've got into a flow state the chance to stay in it, and more opportunities to keep on getting into flow.

3. Serenity for the Godless: a user's guide to practical positive psychology.
Flow isn't the only good thing and flow-ish states are really quite good. People who're good at getting into flow and flow-ish states are pretty happy people.

4. Make-believe in Art, Religion, and Sport.

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OpenID house-monkey said...

Again?! That's twice this year.

2:55 PM  

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