Friday, May 05, 2006

Maternal professional development.

Things keep coming up that make me consider how wierd a parent do I want to be.

I'm giving a talk at Rainbow In My Head (a day of ECE workshops) with a friend about Attachment Parenting (happy babies are being cuddled, why not just keep cuddling them). We both came to attachment parenting by seeing child-led holistic learning is just the easiest and best way to deal with other people's pre-schoolers and then having our own. As part of my research I'm reading The Continuum Concept (stone age amazonians do better parenting by being available for their children but not making them do anything really).

Last night I sat in Te Papa's cafe and talked de-schooling, home-schooling and un-schooling with subversive teachers. Someone mentioned Philosophy for Children (in which the philosopher is merely a more experienced thinker rather than a bank of knowledge that the children make withdrawals from). I did consider becoming a philosopher for children after I first heard about the movement at the Philosophy conference in Wellington in the middle of my Masters (1994?) but at the time I thought I'd get a PhD, teach adults and earn more, although the people who learnt about Philosophy for Children at the same time as me said I ought to do it because I'd be a good one.

I don't really have a desire to do a PhD these days (though I'm making no promises about the future) but I do have children and I think that classrooms might well be improved by the movement and so I'm considering again doing a workshop to find out what Philosophy for Children really entails because even if I'm not going to unschool my children perhaps I'd like to de-school their classrooms a bit.

And meanwhile Iris is getting used to her glasses (she requested that no-one talk about them at Playcentre today, they didn't and she wore the glasses happily most of the day) but they are quite a change and she's breastfeeding more to offset the stress of having something so grown up attached to her face. I must get a photo for Aroha (La Leche League New Zealand's magazine).

It just goes one logical easy step at time and in no time one finds oneself travelling all over with eight children, of course, she's younger than me and got a head start on breeding.


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