Monday, May 01, 2006

Dead Wasp goes on an outing.

We took Dead Wasp to Te Papa this morning. Iris carried Dead Wasp's pottle in her backpack with her current favourite bedtime book: Andrew Crowe's Which New Zealand Insect. Hazel wore the reins that I wore as a child and went on all fours because she was being a dog. She's such a good dog: obedient and intelligent, a delight to be with.

We went to NatureSpace and put Dead Wasp under the microscope so that we could look at her intricate wings and intriguing ovipositor on the screen high above. We didn't find a useful person full of exciting new things to say about Dead Wasp, but Hazel and Iris didn't need that. They now know where to find a microscope that they can use and that they may look at their own specimens with it, that's empowering.


Blogger Cate said...

I'm going to bet that your girls are much brighter than even my most intelligent, college professor.

Your posts always make me smile! I am taking with my the images of Crowe's book in the backpack and Hazel as a dog! Fabulous! xo

8:38 AM  

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