Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Not just biohazards but also toxic waste.

So, on Monday the vet said the cat should have a blood test for lead poisoning, but the painters are taking more care with their clean-up now and our GP said we and the kids needn't be tested.

On Tuesday Iris joined Hazel with a chest infection of her own. One should learn early not to try to get everything one's sister has; my sister has an IT management job and twins.

Today was a good day. Hazel and Iris visited my parents in the morning and all seem to have had a lovely time. I had a coffee and an interesting chat with my cousin about what "spiritual health" might be in a wholly material world-view (some kind of moral and emotional well-being based on realistic optimism). Hazel was well enough to do her ballet lesson. The vet just rang and Moab doesn't have lead poisoning, what it is that's made him have a bad tummy for three and a half weeks we still don't know, nor is he yet better.


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