Thursday, February 09, 2006

Another kid?

Pros: another fascinating person around the house, Hazel loves babies, we'd all be part of a bigger family, using all these fleeting preschool skills some more, diluting the relationships, meeting more other people through the kid, delaying having to be something else when I grow up.
Cons: pregnancy sickness, a baby takes over one's whole life for a year and it doesn't give it all back ever, possibility of promotion past one's level of competency screwing the whole family up, less flexibility, more time and effort spent on keeping on keeping on and less to spend on having fun.

Opportunity versus opportunity cost I suppose. In general I've enjoyed making mistakes of over-generosity more than regretting lost chances but I haven't been playing with such high stakes before. My friend Rebecca, when I asked her about another kid, burst into laughter

'No, I've done my dash!' she said.
I envy her certainty.


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