Monday, March 23, 2009

Schemas of babies. Examples?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My facebook account looks like a scheme to show me as many baby pictures as possible... but um that is just a side effect of the current baby boom in my age group.

I did see all the grown women in my office go into a very focused place, like what little kids do when fully engrossed in play, when J brought her baby in for the office to meet yesterday. You saw each of us trying to work through something big in our head or hearts... about when we'd start our own families, about the time when we had little ones of our own, about how we've lost little ones, and the guys just joke about how women bounce babies as soon as they pick them up. Where as I think we were bouncing as much to comfort ourselves as anything we were doing for the baby.


8:25 AM  
Blogger Mary said...

Repeated dropping of objects from a height (for adults to retrieve).

11:56 PM  

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