Monday, June 09, 2008

Wanda Harland's expectant!

I'm not getting around to reading the web much these days, but I'm not at Playcentre where I wonder if Iris is missing Rosa, I'm sitting with Hazel as she doesn't vomit some more (keep not vomiting Hazel; it's a good look) drifting through months of words and it turns out that Wanda Harland's expectant! Omigodomigod!

(Examines self for urge forth to go forth and do likewise... nope, it's still schadenfreude I'm afraid, I prefer other people to do the vomiting.)

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Blogger Martha Craig said...

Funny story (not really), I thought I might be pregnant, and then figured I wasn't because I had a very foul mood, which usually precedes a period, and I was SO RELIEVED, and decided that I really didn't want 3 kids, and got really pissed. Then 3 days later when my period still wasn't there, I found I was.

This true story didn't make the blog, because people mightn't care to hear that I wasn't happy about my situation, and sure enough, after a couple of months I'm fine with it. It took a long time though, and the lack of booze is killing me.

On a positive note, no vomiting!

3:13 PM  

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