Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I would like to teach these young medical students, not all of whom are stupider than me, but what?


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I know one person who was a massage therapist who taught medical students proper technique about drapping - I thought how brillant that is because for so many the nudity aspect of an examin can make or break the comfort level that drives the rest of the interaction.

One thing that I think many medical people need assistance with is the ability to read another person's state, if someone is in a place of too much/little information, too much emotion.. they can't hear or participate in the conversation. We all know people who say things like 'after I heard the word 'cancer' the rest of the conversation was just 'blah blah blahs' I have no idea what my doctor said. A huge power imbalance occurs when doctors do not read their patients well. Just one of many pieces of communication I think you'd be well suited to teaching doctors about. All the work you do with young children, understanding why the same look in 2 children could mean 2 very different things (from 'I'm so overwhelmed I'm now just trying not to cry' to 'I'm so sure that this is the wrong way of doing something I'm digging in my feet and refuse to budge').

I think med students also need help learning to become adults while dealing with such a hard course. Learning that mistakes are part of the learning process, even when the stakes are high. Learning to say I'm sorry. Learning to work with older, although less 'senior' staff. Learning to say 'i don't know yet' let me refer you on or call you back in a week when I have had time to think a bit about your case.

I have lots of opinions about health care - its a dangerous thing to mention to me:)

just my 2 cents really late a night on a really long hard day.

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