Monday, September 17, 2007

Small naturalists.

Iris is crying bitterly in the bath, neither Hazel nor I can staunch the tears. Suddenly her attention is caught by a Disney figurine of a seagull,
"Seagulls don't normally have webbed feet."
"Don't they?" I ask, wondering again whether being constantly corrected or discovering that you've been patronised for years is worse, "we could look at the beach," she brightens further,
" I hope there's a dead one", Hazel enthuses, "to look at really closely."
Iris is completely cheered by the thought.

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Anonymous Tim Paulson said...

I have complete parallel feeling for this scenario, must be a better way to say that. Smallest sprogling has a constant and enduring fascination with death and wild creatures.

Will write soon

10:33 PM  

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