Monday, November 06, 2006

If he really wanted it he'd say "Please".

Like many cats, Moab uses a series of short cries when he sees a bird "iiiiiii".

We ran out of Moab's normal cat biscuits during the weekend and so this morning when we woke up he'd had two meals of tinned food in a row. Usually he asks for breakfast "mraoww? mraoww? mraoww?" but this morning he asked "iiiiii-aoww? iiiiii-aoww? iiiiii-aoww?" instead, I can only presume he's noticed the wet food is made of chicken.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andy has noticed that I respond more promptly to his "I've got a rodent in my mouth" yowling than his "Wake up, it's breakfast time" mioaws so now he sits outside the bedroom door making up stories.

10:32 AM  

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